MS Computer Science, Wayne State University 2017

  • Studied Types of NoSQL Databases and compared Document, Graph, Column Family, Key value databases.
  • Implemented Document Database concepts using MongoDB for Book Recommendation System.
  • Worked on Linux operating systems, Shell Scripting to run Spark jobs on Hadoop Distributed File System.
  • Implemented Data and Text Mining Concepts for Information Retrieval, implemented Sentiment Analysis on user input.

BE Computer Science, University of Pune 2015

  • Studied Concepts of Fundamental Programming Languages such as C and Object-Oriented languages such as C++, Java.
  • Studied Computer Architecture to understand functional units, memory operations in a computer system.
  • Studied Database Management Systems to understand concepts of Relational Model, ACID properties, etc.

Technical Tools and Skills

  • Frameworks, API & Tools: Terraform, Docker, Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Apache Oozie
  • Programming & Services: Python, Java, C, C++ & Amazon Web Services (Lambda, Ec2, S3, SQS)
  • Databases & File Systems: AWS RDS, AWS Aurora MySQL, MySQL, MongoDB & Hadoop Distributed File System
  • Big Data & Analytics Tools: Hive, Flume, Spark SQL, Zookeeper, Map Reduce
  • Expertise: Data Warehousing & Modelling, Cloud Deployment, CI & CD & Global Infrastructure Support

Professional Experience

Quicken Loans Inc.

Promoted to create an outsized business impact by securing and optimizing the database environment at this mortgage service provider; ensured data reliability and performance by providing infrastructure support to the conglomerate comprising of 80+ database servers. Directed hyper-scale RDS creation projects and designed automated data processing solutions. Developed POCs for the latest database engines. Scaled the company’s cloud platform; led cloud-based software deployments.

  • Provided seamless business application support for user operations in the East and West regions by deploying AWS Aurora RDS with global functionality and features; optimized RDS creation process by creating IAC modules; improved data integrity.
  • Streamlined on-call issues by designing an application for quick issue resolution; used MySQL RDS for backend development and deployed on AWS ECS. Managed large-scale infrastructure deployment by employing IAC; performed testing using Circle CI.
  • Supported key products by creating and maintaining MySQL servers; managed QLMS (70G data); supported applications like Confluence (50G data) and CatVd (100G data). Gained mastery of the application backend architecture.
  • Improved monitoring and alerting in a large-scale cloud platform by setting up CloudWatch logs and alarms; set up database server restart and outage alerts by creating RDS event subscription using Terraform.
  • Expedited the cloud infrastructure development and upgrade process by 1.5 hours by deploying a centralized, automated database creation tool which can be used for multiple AWS accounts.
  • Achieved high availability and disaster recovery by leading database migration from on-premises servers to cloud.
  • Avoided potential financial losses by ensuring high data availability and data integrity; set up database server replications for disaster recovery on 60+ MySQL servers. Performed troubleshooting and fixtures for any MySQL server issues.